“Google it” is a phrase the has become common in our every day lives.

So this is the reason why your website should be Google friendly.


To be quite honest theGoogle friendly SEO power of Google is rather scary. Google has over 70% of the worldwide search market followed
by Bing and Yahoo combined having just under 20%. But here is the interesting part – Google as a company is seeing Amazon as a bigger competitor then other search engines.

But Amazon is not a search engine! True and not true. People who are looking to buy something on the internet will most probably be better off searching for it on Amazon than on a “real” search engine.

Nevertheless most internet users start their search journey with Google and that is why your website should be Google friendly.

So here what you should do to be found.

Be honest and creative. Provide the information that is really relevant to your visitors search term. Your site’s content has to be of high quality combined with a good look and feel and most of the important information should be placed on your Home page.

Provide contact information openly, don’t hide it away.

Easy and intuitive navigation so the visitor can find right away what he or she is looking for.

Update your content regularly and stay ahead of your competitors with fresh ideas.

At the end of the day it is pretty easy. All you have to do is to imagine you are the customer yourself. Would you be happier on your own website than being on one of your competitor websites.

By the way it is always nice to be friendly even more so in real life.