It is a good opportunity to keep track of the latest developments in search engine optimization by following the regular Google Webmaster Central consultation Hangouts with John Mueller. Here is a summary telling you the five key messages of the Hangout from 10/16/2015.

1. Redirects
The Google robot follows a maximum of five consecutive 301 redirects and then drops the follow. This is done for performance reasons in the indexing process according to John Mueller. So should you have a lot of 301 redirects make sure there limited to 5 consecutive ones.

2.Ambiguous search terms
In order for Google display the what the Searcher was looking in case of an ambiguous search term, Google collects data on the results and evaluates the clicked ( only ) search results. This is then used to “guess” what the user might have meant.

3.Size doesn’t matter
There is no minimum for the size or optimal number of pages of a website. So any size of websites no matter how small has a chance to be found.

4.Change of site titles
Be careful when changing titles of your pages. This can lead to a temporary drop of the ranking.

5.Get a site off Google
To remove a Website or sub-pages from the Google index, simply place a “noindex” in the sitemap and resubmit it to the Google crawler.

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