Why should I use meta descriptions? They are not important for the ranking.

Even though they might not be heavily influential to your ranking they are important to get more clicks.

Meta descriptions are basically a short description of the content that awaits the searcher. Words that match the search term are bolded in the description. To convince the searcher to click through to your website you need a well written meta description. The maximum length displayed is 155 characters. Don’t go over this limit.

63% of the clicks are going to the top 3 search results. To get clicks even though your page is further down you need a catching meta description.

Think of the question the searcher would key in to find your product. Pose this question and provide a solution for it within your MD. Of course the landing page has to contain relevant information for the search.

Create a unique description that is specific, concise and attractive to your target market. Avoid stuffing it with keywords this will rather put searcher as well as search engines off because it creates a ‘spammy’ impression. The meta description should employ the keywords intelligently and also be compelling so a searcher will want to click.

So go and check meta descriptions to receive more clicks to improve your sales.